Jia McMillan-Shipley (American Music Blogger, Songwriter, Poet and Entrepreneur)

Jia McMillan-Shipley, born April 25th, 1993 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, currently residing in Philadelphia is an American music / entertainment blogger, songwriter and entrepreneur.

Jia a.k.a Miss Ikonic is a Fall 2014 graduate from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor degree in Communications and Public Relations. During her collegiate years she was active in radio having hosted her own weekly radio show alongside holding the Promotions and Programming Director positions at Clarion University’s WCUC ‘The Clutch’. Miss Ikonic also recently founded her own music blog entitled ‘The Ikonic Music Blog’ where she is the sole contributor and content creator; furthermore, she actively song-writes for artists mostly R&B, pop and country. Lastly, she runs her own lifestyle business and has a clothing line dropping in the fall of 2019.

Website: http://theikonicmusicblog.com

Contact: Blog related inquiries: theikonicmusicblog@gmail.com

              Songwriting related inquiries: missikonic@gmail.com