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Cakes Da Killa - "Hedonism"

Hedonism, defined as the pursuit of pleasure and sensual self-indulgence.

New Jersey native, Cakes Da Killa dropped his highly anticipated project Hedonism, a bold, lyrical and game-changing project with a hard-core rap influence. Killa is also a gay rapper but he can spit better than most rappers out here regardless of their sexual preference.  Hip-hop is in rare form but some artist like Killa were impacted by it's roots of story telling and open truths. It obvious that he's here to make a statement with his raunchy, hard-hitting and controversial lyricism. If he's not on your radar or playlist he should be!


Cakes Da Killa raps "New Phone":

I been here already / Jersey bread like Fetty

My come up is kind of steady so groupies be flocking heavy

The thirst is so cute / chickens up out the coop / they perched up on the roof just waiting on me to swoop

Society can say whatever they want but this is hip-hop, this is music! Check out a visual from the project below and purchase Hedonism by clicking this link -

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