Jia McMillan Shipley

Snoop Dogg Signee Clay James Drops "Playas Club" Album feat. Messiah Da Rapper & Charlise J

Jia McMillan Shipley

If you haven't heard the name Clay James by now you must be under a rock, a rock where no real hip-hop music is heard. Savannah Georgia originated and Atlanta based hip-hop artist Clay James has been consistently dropping new music through out this past summer leading into the fall.


Today, James released a surprise LP entitled Playas Club featuring two of his recurring collaborators Messiah Da Rapper and Charlise JPlayas Club, represents true lyricism, bridging the gap of modern rap infused with some old soul and down right good music! Furthermore, the release of this LP also represents the launch of James' own independent label "Playas Club Music Group" co-founded by DJ Iceberg, Messiah Da Rapper and Charlise J.

Producers on the LP include: Saucelord Rich (FKI), 30roc (EarDrummers), MAZO, Aphelion, Savage Beats and IThinkWeGotIt

Purchase Playas Club album by clicking this itunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/playas-club-music-group/id1161570407