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Bianca Bonnie - "Faith in These Brownskins"

In a generation where society likes us to believe that lighter skin is superior or more beautiful than dark skin some young melanin heavy individuals grow up with a complex. All shades of black are beautiful, Bianca Bonnie, remixes Fabolous "Faith in Me" off his Summertime Shootout 2 mixtape. Bonnie's remix, "Faith in These Brownskins" is a lyrically empowered record; she snaps on this track giving us her confidence, truths and witty wordplay.  


Bianca Bonnie raps:  

I don't really got a problem with them light skins

I just know that I'm still popping up in my skin  

This that Black Girl Magic that I'm so bad b**** 

That make sure you love yourself cuz these n****s is average  

Take a listen to Bianca Bonnie's "Faith in These Brownskins" below.  


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