Jia McMillan Shipley

LB199X feat. Marcellus Juvann- "War"

Jia McMillan Shipley

There's a lot going on in the world right now, turmoil, injustice, brutality and war. Washington, D.C native, LB199X, drops this reflective and brutally honest track entitled "War" featuring Ohio born, Texas native and Florida based artist, Marcellus Juvann. Should we assimilate to societies norms and standards? Is America the place where dreams can flourish like it once was or maybe never was...freedom of speech is one of our most potent rights and LB199X exercises it well.


IKONIC lyrics:

Are we equal or are we evil

Are we changed or are we tamed

Man f*** America,  stand corrected

Check out LB199X lyrical statement "War" below.