Clay James Drops EP "2 EZ"

Snoop Dogg signee Clay James drops his EP "2EZ" produced by Savage Beats, Hugo Black, iThinkWeGotit, Native Pharoah and DJ Dibiase without a feature in sight just straight Clay and his undeniable lyricism. The south is comprised of more than auto-tune happy, drug-using artist; it also has some artist with substance and authenticity - Clay James. The south also has artist who were inspired by the greats before them like Snoop and Andre 3000 - Clay James. The south has musicians who want to be legendary not just momentary - Clay James. If you haven't listened to his music, it's a must listen especially in a generation over-saturated with wave-riders, one hit wonders and the down right talentless. 


Clay James raps "2 Ez": 

Terroristic lyrics I spit C4  

Now you can see why C gone blow  

Not a one hit wonder like YC doe

I'm stacking racks on racks that's future dough  


Check out Clay James latest EP "2EZ" by clicking this link -  or purchase it on iTunes!