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Nino Man Stops by Hot97 Funk Flex and Drops Some Heat

Harlems' own Nino Man stops by the Funk Flex show to drop an unforgettable freestyle laced with lyricism, puns, witty truths and some street inspired substance. HipHop is in rare form but some artist still draw from its roots, create masterpieces and show them to the world, Nino Man does just that! He has energy, charisma, raw talent and a story to tell - we're listening! 


Nino Man raps:

Grew up listening to the radio now I'm on it  

Barely had a bike as a kid now I'm in foreigns  

Hammers leave a clown boy drenched like it was pouring  

All the dudes around me either on the run or got warrants  

Check out Nino Man's Funk Flex freestyle below.  

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