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G-Eazy - "Still"

Hip-Hop won't die because artists still have stories to tell in a way that is reflective not distant, a way that is personal not universal, a way that is lyric-filled not substance-lacking. California native, G-Eazy drops this Digital Genie produced meditative, easy going, inspirational, poetic and beautiful record entitled "Still" featuring Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Ashley Rose. G-Eazy doesn't just make records that go with the times but instead makes records that are timeless.


G-Eazy raps: 

I know some people though, that that could offend 

Still struggling looking at me like "if I only lived as lavish as him..."

 I wouldn't have to have this 9 to 5

Yeah I'm alive but it really ain't about survivin', f*** that, I'm tryna thrive"

It's a difference

Check out G-Eazy's "Still" below. 

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