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Alicia Keys Performs with Young M.A and The Roots on NBC's "Jimmy Fallon Live"

Now that's an iconic trio, Alicia Keys, Young M.A and The Roots stop by "Jimmy Fallon Live" for this profound and heartfelt performance of "Blended Family" off Keys recently released album Here. Keys commissioned the legendary Roots as her band and included rising superstar Young M.A instead of Rocky. The New York native didn't disappoint either giving us some honest, emotional and responsive lyricism married with the instrumental of "Blended Family" in the background and following up with a phenomenal performance from the Keys.


Young M.A raps:

Growing up I had a little sister, older brother 

And for us a father figure was a single mother

My daddy was locked up , my mother was knocked up

And every now and then my brother father would pop up

Check out Alicia Keys, Young M.A and The Roots performance below!

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