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Yerr Eli feat. Young M.A - "My Guyz"

It's Redlyfe! New York has deep hip-hop roots, its' own fashion styles and a language all its' own. From the city that coined the term 'my guy' Yerr Eli and the infamous Young M.A team up for this catchy, head-bobbing trap anthem. In the modern day music industry you need a loyal team, supporters and good music , if you marry all three success is inevitable. Young M.A is not a feature heavy artist as of yet, but she's loyal to her team and in her own words, "I put my n****s on like I'm supposed to do! No hand outs! Nah, I just put them in a position to eat."


Yerr Eli raps:

And we strapped to the T with the 9

My guy throw a shot and blow you out ya mind / Now we see what you was thinking little n****

Thought he wouldn't leave you stinking little n****

Young M.A raps:

Yerr Eli that's my guy 

We got them glocks, we got that Smith, we got them 9's

And if you try to run we hitting thighs

Hit your arm/ hit your neck, we hit your spine 

Check out the "My Guyz" official visual below.

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