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Young M.A Drops "Eat" Freestyle


Young M.A, the undeniably talented young rap star from Brooklyn, drops a brand new, fully loaded almost six minute long freestyle entitled "Eat." She can not and will not lose. "Eat" is a bold, cocky, fearless declaration statement that she is here and she's not going to stop. The hate fuels her and the genius is obvious.

The checks are going to keep coming and this is only the beginning of her reign. When you apply pressure to this diamond in the rough she comes out shiny, stronger and even more lionhearted. Fame and success scares some artist into the 'one-hit-wonder" syndrome but Young M.A's relentless grind reveals that she won't ever contract that sickness and plans to lyrically silence naysayers.

Young M.A raps:

Got so much s*** on my mind couldn't think anymore

I swear when this album drops they gone hate me some more

You gone see red everywhere like a steak when it's raw

F*** around and call me M.A Shakur, I'ma take em to war

Check out Young M.A's "Eat" Freestyle below.


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