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Siya Drops "Watch What You Say" feat. Sage the Gemini Official Visual

Siya recently dropped her album SIYAvsSIYA, a timeless collection of hip-hop, R&B and crazy lyricism. One of the dope tracks off her project is "Watch What You Say" featuring Sage the Gemini a cocky record,  a reminder that Siya is not one to mess with, a statement of her upgraded lifestyle and relentless hustle. Siya tells Instagram followers that she has about six more visuals lined up from the album and we look forward to seeing each one. 


Siya raps

I only drive if the whip imported  

Money be coming from different sources

b*****s be on me they say I'm gorgeous  

I do not f*** with you fake informants / I be with n****s who stay extorting 

I be in places you pay the doorman  

Check out Siya's "Watch What You Say" official Visual below. 

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