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J. Cole - "False Prophets"

J. Cole the world has been waiting on you! We need your raw talent, amazing lyricism, honesty and fearlessness in this modern day rap game. One of the greats is back at it again with his single "False Prophets" and new album on the way set to release December 9th. "False Prophets" is Coles' open diary of thoughts read to all the mannequins and dummies in the music industry, idols that have failed us, inspirationalist that got in their own ways and contradicted themselves. Cole definitely takes a lot of shots in this record, but HipHop needs it! 


J. Cole raps

When come to find out these n****s don't even write they s***

Hear some new style bubbling up then they bite the s*** 

Damn that's what I get for lying to myself  

But f*** it what's more important is he's crying out for help  

Check out J. Coles "False Prophets" visual below.  

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