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Gregory Lamont - "75 South Bound" (Produced by Ashilee Ashilee)

Bars are back and the concept of making music from a personally creative perspective reigns supreme. Singer, rapper, songwriter and Marietta, GA raised artist Gregory Lamont drops his debut single "75 South Bound" produced by songwriter, producer, instrumentalist and engineering prodigy Ashilee Roberts. This track has an open but reflective production paired closely with Lamont's undeniable energy, passion and lyricism. We look forward to hearing more from this young star and listening to his approaching full length project set to release 2.15.17. 


Gregory Lamont raps:  

I ain't gone wake up til' my dreams go off

You a weak link buddy you don't mean no harm  

B**** I'm banging on the gravel til' the street broke off  

Check out Gregory Lamont's "75 South Bound" below.  

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