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New Wale - "Groundhog Day" Produced by Jake One

Wale   responds to J Cole's "False Prophets" with  "Groundhog Day." This DC native has always been transparent in his lyricism and poetically astounding. "Groundhog Day" has that head-bobbing, diary inspired delivery , subliminal and apparent shots, and that cocky demeanor we've become accustomed to from the young MC. HipHop is patiently waiting on Wale's next project S.H.I.N.E , it's due soon - we're ready. 


Wale raps:  

The most highly underrated of my generation  

Behind them crooked smiles n****s neglect to embrace me 

Respect is in order now , my liquor is more than yaws

You throwing them little shots we catching some gangstas  

Check out Wale's "Groundhog Day" below.  

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