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Dae Dae - "Spend It Remix" feat. Young M.A x Young Thug

Dae Dae's smash single "Spend It" is one of those catchy hustle records; don't spend your money if you can't get it right back! "Spend It" has already had great success but to just add fuel to the already world-spread fire let's throw Young M.A and Young Thug on the track for even more national appeal! 


Ikonic lyrics: 

Pinky ring all iced out on some rock s*** 

Gold diggers tryna suck me up on some mop s*** 

But I'm Money Mitch I'm broke baby I ain't got s*** 

Kill that s*** Ima kill that s*** Ooouuu

 -Young M.A

 Check out the "Spend It" remix below.  

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