Jia McMillan Shipley

Mariahlynn feat. Albee Al - "I Just Want A Bad B****"

Jia McMillan Shipley

Love and Hiphop New York's own Mariahlynn teams up with Jersey rapper Albee Al for this gangster relationship thrill record. No man wants a mediocre woman; they want a bad b**** who will hold it down and not make a sound when the pressure is applied. Albee Al and Mariahlynn feed off each other in this braggadocious track and during the Nimi Hendrix directed visual.


Mariahlynn raps:

Travel so much no more space on my passport

Fast forward I let him eat my c***** on the dashboard

He a goon I tell him beat it with his mask on

Albee Al raps:

She like oh boy it's real you can touch it

Look back at me why she bust it

B**** was super bad and I aint talking McLovin

You got some bad friends she like, 'Boy that's all I f*** wit'

Check out "I Just Want A Bad B****" below.