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Choppa Zoe Freestyles on DJ Self Power 105 Show

They say HipHop is coming back, but truth is it never left the music industry was just idolozing and giving shine to the wrong artists! West Palm Beach native rapper and Money&Violence actor, Choppa Zoe stops by Love and HipHop New York cast member and renowned Power 105 DJ, DJ Self's show to drop an unforgettable freestyle. Choppa gives you punchlines, crazy delivery, authentic flows and amazing energy - a must see freestyle! 


Choppa raps:  

Momma said before others gotta help self

Why these DJs all mad when they ain't help self 

Okay Okay they just mad cuz we Gwinin 

I'm eating rap cats then I be s***in kittens  

Freestyle for real when they be spittin writtens  

Check out Choppa's Power 105 freestyle below.  


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