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Siya Drops SIYAvsSIYA Album

New York native, Siya, drops her highly anticipated album SIYAvsSIYA , a project that combines hip-hop, head-bobbing flows, crazy production, emotion and the obvious evolution of another female MC to look out for. When you can spit, you can spit! When you have a natural talent somebody is going to feel it. SIYAvsSIYA is what hip-hop needs right now in a modern day music generation drenched in auto-tune, substance-lacking lyrics and not even a slither of creative undertones. Hip-hop is hungry right now and we're glad that Siya's providing the food.


Siya raps "The One": 

I'm like Drizzy I sing to women who look at me like a sponsor  

I'm Jay when it come to streets, I'm Nas a lyrical monster 

I'm Kim when it come to Brooklyn, I'm B.I.G if anyone asking 

I'm Kendrick Lamar at heart, I'm Cole when it come to passion  

Check out her "I Know I Know" visual below and purchase SiyavsSiya  on iTunes by clicking this link - or on google play, amazon music, Spotify etc.!

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