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Pusha T feat Jay Z - "Drug Dealers Anonymous"


Pusha T revealed this new single off his “upcoming” studio album King Push. This record is definitely a prime example of hip-hop at its finest, the amount of lyrical potency in this song alone is incredible and expected.

Pusha T raps:

I can baptize a brick

As I wash away my sins like a catholic

Who the f*** ain’t mastered this

America’s nightmare’s in Flint

Children of a lesser God when your melanin’s got a tint

Pusha T flawlessly raps about his donation to flint and also the issues of being treated indifferently when your skins is darker as if we are of a lesser God when we are supposed to believe that we are all created equal. Of course with America’s recent heinous acts we know that to not be the case in "their" eyes.

Jay Z raps:

14- year drug dealer and still counting

Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant

He been hula hooping through loop holes, working around shit

IRS should’ve had the townhouses surrounded

Everyone knows that Jay Z started off selling drugs and that he grew up in Marci projects. We also know that selling drugs keeps many rappers financially afloat and able to pay for all the cost of being a music artist. In the above four lines Jay Z references how long he was a drug dealer and slyly mentions that he’s still counting but I doubt Jay Z still dilly-dabbles in the drug game but you never know. He goes on to state that his accountant is the one who deserves the glory because he kept him out of any legal troubles due to his skill level as an accountant. Jay Z has dodged the law and is thus extremely successful in his music career and otherwise.  

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