Logic - "Flexicution" and "Wrist" feat. Pusha T

One thing we can all say about Def Jam's very own Logic is that he never lyrically half steps. "Flexicution" is a dope hip-hop track with a lot of subliminal undertones targeting those who may have doubted him and his abilities to be a huge force in the music industry. However, obviously he is proving them wrong and coming for his haters head on - see that's what hip-hop is about- having that competitive demeanor.

Logic raps (Flexicution):

Check my last album all y'all know I run it

Flip the script just cause I couldn't f***ing stunt it

This--- the type of s*** my life is all about

Check the Forbes you know I'm balling out

They say, "Logic, you too humble boy, just let it out"

He also has collaborated with rap GOAT's like Pusha T for his other new single "Wrist." Check out Logic's newest single "Flexicution" and "Wrist" below, you wont be disappointed!