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Meek Mill feat. Hardo - "Love Forreal"

PA link up! Pittsburgh's very own Hardo and Philly's very own Meek Mill have linked up for this perfect unity between hip-op and soul produced by The MeKanics. This record touches on the real and the fake - is the love really real in the industry anymore?

Meek Mill raps:

If it was bout f***ing b*****s, rolling up tryng burn it

We could've did that in the trap and it been all that

Since n****s love the hood so much, I let em fall back

I used to book the jet and yell out where my dawgs at?

But since nobody want the money I take all that

Hardo Raps:

Tryna rise above poverty / That's why I'm trapping

If I don't make it out the hood /I know its going to happen

Keep that desert eagle / They might trap me cause I'm rapping

This record is definitely the perfect collaboration between two of hip-hop's heavy hitters. "LoveForreal" touches on issues of trust, modern day slavery and creating a new lane to achieve success through music even if the street life is what gave them their start, their story and their drive.

Check their single out below.

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