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Joe Budden - "Making a Murderer" (Drake Diss)

Yesterday, Joe Budden released his Drake diss. First it was Meek Mill, then we heard Jay Z fire some potential shots at Drake on "I Got the Keys" and now Joe Budden officially dropped his diss record. It's obvious that Drake is a talented international rapper but he also has some inevitable quarrels that arise from his music and outspokenness. Joe Budden's feathers are the most recent ones that Drake has ruffled. The beef allegedly started after Budden stated his opinion of Drake's View's album on his podcast, to say the least Budden wasn't a complete fan of his album or Drake's evolution as an artist. Furhtermore, Budden believes that Drake fired some shots in his recent new song "4PM in Calabasas."

Hip-hop has a history of artist rivalry so this is inescapable and expected. Budden claims to still be a fan of Drake but wants him to remember with fame comes influence, accountability and backlash. Drake doesn't come for the mediocre and washed up he usually comes at his contenders.

Budden raps:

A black cloud all over the 6, check the overview

You're so indirect, s*** wasn't real clear

Either Jimmy actin' or he really miss a wheelchair

What he don't know is we the most kindred souls

I should've did this two Kendricks ago

He wanna sing? Well lets get into the show

The track is entitled "Making a Murderer PART 1" so should we expect a part two after Drake's response if Drake even responds at all???

Check out Joe Budden's Drake diss below.


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