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Tory Lanez - "Controlla" & "I Got the Keys" Remixes

Tory Lanez has been killing the remix game. We know Lanez likes samples so a couple remixes aren't too far fetched. However, lyrically he stepped it up in both of these records. It is safe to say that some artist tend to feel slept on or underrated. Moreover, the best of the best don't except being trivialized. Sometimes artist have to jump all the way in their bag and pull the gold out to gain the much deserved respect.

Lanez raps ("I Got the Keys" Remix:

I come from the streets and look at the life that I lead

My n**** if a little Ray is getting pesos / Jewish lawyer get the case closed

Too much cake up in the bankrolls / Getting money like a scam, my n****

That just sh*t a check up outta Chase though

And hit another BOA, that like ten years and a day old

Check out both remixes below.

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