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Pardison Fontaine - "No No No" & "What Happened"

Newburgh,New York native, Pardison Fontaine has that effortless old school meets new school flavor in your ear and he's not in quite enough ears to be honest. He certainly seems to be a little under the radar but I'm sure he received some much deserved attention when Chris Brown re-posted his "No No No" video snippet on his Instagram. Fontaine switches his flow up consistently through out his rendition over the infamous Destiny Child's "No No No" beat. It is obvious that he had fun with this record and the video as well.

It is imperative that we as the new generation do not praise only the mediocre artist but the ones that have the potential to be legendary as well. Fontaine has that potential and versatility to catapult him to the next level being able to transition lyrically from witty and comical to serious and deliberate - he definitely is someone you should be looking out for.

Pardison Fontaine raps ("NO NO NO"):

I guess a whole lots changed since Biggie and Pac reigned / I knew I was a prince the minute my pops came

I was born the one to drop whips and rock chains / I'm a menace still looking for n****s that shot Kane

I'm the hard teaser broad squeezer Lord Jesus / I'm dark skinned I was given the lords features

Pardison Fontaine raps ("What Happened"):

You know how they like to do us from backstreet yaw / They don't shoot nobody that look like Backstreet Boys

F*** it / I'm about to take taxi home / I just hope if a n**** see a cop do me wrong

That he pulls out a gun and not a phone/  I ain't saying that its gonna make it right

But I ain't trying to get likes man I'm trying to get home

Check out his two latest singles below and "Oyyy" one of his original records as well.

Instagram: @lifeofthepardi

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