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Jadakiss feat. Beanie Sigel - "Dinero"

When Philly and New York rappers link up you know its going to be REAL hip-hop, that battling on the street corners type of rap. These two legends in the game combined for this dope Buda & Grandz produced track. Money seems to be the cause of fame, deceit and success it just depends on whose hands it lies in. Money is often associated with the evil doings of the world.

Beanie Sigel raps:

Money is the root of all evil is what they teach you

That's what made Nino rock his brothers keeper

That's what made Outpost slaughter Rich Porter

When you got a big supporter, you a mafia type

Money, power, respect, comin' at order

Jadakiss raps:

And the root of money is power and more greed

Sad part about it, it's something we all need

I know ex-kingpins that's working at Wal-Greens

Know a team of young swipers , shake up the mall scene

Check their new single out below and ask yourself, "Have you ever asked what is the root of money?"


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