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Joe Moses feat. Wale - "WCW"

Joe Moses is a Los Angeles native but also calls Brick Squad Monopoly Records his label home. Moses recently released a cliche titled but dope record nonetheless featuring Wale. Men always feel like they are the greatest gift to women and some are and of course some are not. However, Moses believes that he's what girls need and what they desire.

Moses raps:

Richie Rich, young n**** in the double R

Got the world on my neck, I'm a superstar

She want me to call her like I used to, She wanna be my girl and my new boo

She wanna be like Nipsey and Nunu

I can tell I am nothing that you used to

Wale raps:

Young Folarin, I'm prolly prolly fresher than all 'em

My Ace of Spade bottle got Gatorade in the bottom

N**** westside westside, still got my city high, that's right

I'm with my n**** Joe Mo, that's right

Now baby make that monkey fly one time


Check out Joe Moses new single below.

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