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Bleezy X K.I - "For the Love of Money" & "Either Way"

Money and Violence actors Bleezy and K.I appear to be a jack of many trades. They have been shaking up New York with their M&V season two appearances and latest mixtape New Crack City ,hosted by Love and Hip-Hop of New York's very own DJ Self, which has the streets on fire. Most recently, they released their New Jack City inspired video "For the Love of Money" which features the ever-popular Rafe from M&V driving the decked-out black jeep through Brooklyn.

This pioneering rap duo has quite the buzz and New Crack City is a dope project with some innovative, good quality production and visuals.

Bleezy raps ("For the Love of Money"):

I keep a few stacks with me, two packs with me

I wanna welcome you all down to New Crack City

Where we getting the chips and we switching the whips

For the love of the money I'll put d*** in ya b****

K.I raps ("For the Love of Money"):

For the love of the money / I remember she ain't want me

Everything wasn't sunny / had to grind to get some money

Now that I can reminisce I pray to god that we will win

Lord forgive me for my sins and told them we was tryna win

This is a project that will NOT disappoint. Download New Crack City on Datpiff : .

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