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Anderson Paak - "Room in Here" & "Milk n Honey"

California native and Aftermath signee , Anderson Paak, has a sound that is extremely unique with the content to match. He released his project Venice in 2014 and Malibu this year. Both projects gained him some much deserved attention but not quite enough. Lyrically each project is vivid, truthful, honest and sometimes a bit comical. Furthermore, he linked up with some great artist for both projects. "Room in Here" is off Malibu and features the one only Game and New Jersey native but California stationed singer Sonyae Elise. "Milk N' Honey" is off of his earlier project Venice but tells a great story that a lot of men and women alike could learn from.

Paak raps (Milk N' Honey):

It's too good to be true/ I ain't got nothin' to do/ I got the keys to the coupe/ I just spent all this loot

She said, "Get what you want," she said, "Live how you do but if I catch you with other b*****s, your throat I'mma slit"

I said "It's yours, babe, I put your name on this d***" / But I was lyin' of course, I'm slammin' chick after chick

Soon as she gave me the Porshe, I bang her right on the strip

I cooped some white on the 5th andpulled up right on a b**** like

The end of the song reveals that she was playing him the whole time, knew about his infidelity and that the fancy car he was driven had stolen plates. Moral of the story - sometimes if it sounds too good to be true it is.

Check out two of his single below.


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