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Nas, Erykah Badu - "This Bitter Land"

When two of the best poets to touch a mic unite on a record you know that it's going to be lyrically potent and vivid beyond maybe even our own understanding. "This Bitter Land" will be heard on the soundtrack of The Land, an upcoming independent film executive-produced by Machine Gun Kelly and Nas. Erykah Badu opens the track with a very Billie Holiday-esque tone and delivery - an emotional but necessary track indeed.

Nas raps:

Running on the concrete across the train tracks / the devil is behind me

And the ghetto is where ya find me / that where I stays at / cops shot us up

You get a medal to retire but it never will define me write a letter to the president whoever in control of this society

Tell em stop riding me stop driving us into a suicidal ideology

Check out "This Bitter Land" below you won't be disappointed.

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