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Jay Z - "Spiritual"

With all that is going in the world it is important that music artist use their platforms to bring awareness, support and help the generation cope through their lyrics. Jay Z, one of the best to ever touch a mic, has dropped a single entitled "Spiritual" in regards to the unjust deaths of Philando Castile in Louisiana, Alton Sterling in Minnesota and all of those gunned down by the police for no reason.

Jay Z's delivery is more like spoken word, almost as if he's preaching to a crowd of people, a crowd of people that are fed up and tired of the unjust killing of our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, children etc.

Jay Z raps:

This is the real me unfold / Gangster is love, I'm thuggin'

I'm huggin' / This is tougher than any gun I raised

Any crack that I blazed, that was nothin'

Peeling back layers, uncovering /scars that never healed

I never kept it this real

The pain of gunning down innocent African American men and women by the very men and women who are supposed to "protect us" will never go away, it is the sore that takes years, decades, obviously, to heal.

Check out his testament below.



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