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Kell$ - "Album on the Way Freestyle"

Markell Kheyon Newton, better known as Kell$ is an American hip-hop recording artist from Goldsboro, North Carolina. Today Kell$ dropped a new single entitled "Album of the Way Freestyle" a smooth and effortless lyrical performance from the young MC. In this song he takes the time to address his talent level, struggles and capabilities. Kell$ is known for his lyricism as well as his creativity and authenticity. 

In this day and age of hip-hop everyone is asking the question - What is good hip-hop? Hip-Hop has evolved and transformed into a sound that I'm sure the greats couldn't have fathomed. However, some artist still remain true to hip-hop and its core value of story telling. Kell$ raps a confident and inspiring story in his latest single. It is obvious that he sees greatness in his future, knows his worth and what he can bring to the music industry.

Kell$ raps: 

N****s and b****es switching like Jordan laying up switching hands

Killing you n****s at the same time gaining fans /N****s will never understand that struggle where I came from

They say you gotta take some L's to win well I done took some / They say I'm worth a couple mil well dammit I'm tryna make one 

I left my city to make it but never forgot where I came from

Click the link below to listen to Kell$ latest track.

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