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Bri Steves - "Summer's Mine"

Philadelphia's own, Bri Steves has a flavor and swagger all her own. Women are truly beginning to make a come back in the typically male dominate hip-hop industry. "Summer's Mine" throws it back to the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff days - it's a classic feel good summer record. This track is the perfect fusion between soulful R&B and a 90's story-telling flow. 


Steves raps:

Yeah girl them edges laid / keep a toothbrush on me like I'm scrubbing J's 

Hella hot outside sip that lemonade / Hit my boss with that "Won't make it in today"

Yo you still coming thru / Oh yeah that's right / if it start around  2 I'm showing up like five

Check out her single "Summer's Mine" below.

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