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Tink Drops Winter's Diary 4

Tink finally drops Winter's Diary 4, a complimentary fusion of hip-hop and R&B. Tink is a multifaceted artist; that's why she wins, that's why she continues to evolve and that's why ikons like Timbaland co-sign and work with her. Winter's Diary 4 lyrically showcases Tink's strength and confidence but definitely has it's emotional moments as well. 


Tink raps "Your Side:"

He ain't on house arrest but I want him inside all day

Told me he gone blow like vapor /told me that he like his women tall like his paper 

He label me a queen no tiara / say he wanna have a Future with me like Ciara

Check out one of the singles from the project entitled "Your Side" below and download the mixtape on Datpiff. 

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