Jia McMillan Shipley

Hardo - "Make Her Leave"

Jia McMillan Shipley

Hardo is back at it again with another Cardo produced banger entitled "Make Her Leave."Truth is, if your just now getting a whiff of Hardo - your late. He has been shaking up his home town of Pittsburgh,PA all the way to LA for quite some time now. "Make Her Leave" is a cocky trap anthem with most of the video being shot in Paul's Court projects in Hardo's own hood - Wilkinsburg, PA - and what a better place to tell his story of trappin', women and money than where it all started.

Hardo raps:

Bought a benz off of selling dope/ Your favorite rapper he pay a note

I got bandz / Deezlee got bandz / my whole team that's the way it go

Crown me I'm a king n**** / ten racks in my jeans n****  / you gone treat her like a Queen n****

I just f*** cuz she sing n****

It's time for his crowing, check out his most recent single below entitled "Make Her Leave."