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Bleezy x K.I - "Understand This"

Another one! Bleezy and K.I just released yet another banger entitled "Understand This." It is obvious that these two artist complement each other like Jack and coke. Their most recent project New Crack City already has the streets on fire and now they've dropped some more heat to really set the city ablaze. Understand that these young Money and Violence stars are coming to turn the hip-hop industry on its head.

Bleezy raps:

I be super fly, super duper fly / Heard I f***ed your baby mama tell that b**** its Uber time

We been running back to back it's looking like a suicide

Pulling up in i8's forgot the doors go suicide

K.I raps:

Notice I'm in beast mode / Feel like I got the cheat code

Empty on em then we reload / That's your b**** giving deep throat

One eye open through the peep hole / I send my killers where you keep dough

Check out their latest Esmoove produced record "Understand This" below.

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