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Siya - "New York"

Sisterhood of Hip-Hop and Bed-Stuys very own Siya just dropped some heavy New York flavor in your ears. Siya snaps on her most recent Lombardi Young produced single "New York." This record has that head-bobbing undeniable flow paired with Siya's rugged story and rise to the top. It is safe to say that New York truly breeds some of the best MC's.

Siya raps:

This is that Uncle Murda and Maino  Brooklyn back in they bag s***

Running through the hood with n****s who never had s***

Pull up to ya door and prey on you like a Baptist /Wild Hoolie Gang s*** money in the mattress 

N****s think I be playing but really I'm on that spazz s*** /I swear I catch a body before I show where the stash is 

Check out her most recent single below and purchase it on itunes -

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