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Snoop Dogg's Signee, Clay James debuts "Long Way" Visual

Snoop Dogg's Atlanta signee, Clay James gears up to debut his second visual since joining the DoggyStyle Record label. Coming off of the success of his buzzing single "Southern Playa Shit" which has accumulated over 60,000 listens on SoundCloud, Clay is ready to show that he can keep the hits coming with his new visual "Long Way". The video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia by videographer Travis Brown and produced by Virginia natives "Savage Beats" & "Hugo Black".

Impeccable hustle contributes to the success of every thriving artist we know today. Clay has the hustle, perseverance and necessary skills to take him to new heights. His latest visual "Long Way" tells the story of the lengthy road to achieving success in the music business, the love, the hate and the triumph that eventually follows. 

Clay James raps:

Hustle hard then the grind will start to compensate / you for all your time and sacrifices that you made

For the sleepless nights and all the times you ain't get paid /For everytime a hatin' n**** tried to throw shade

I spit that s*** that dope as Nino Brown cocaine / break it down distribute the s*** its like the dope game

Instagram & Twitter: @WhoIsClayJames / Videographer: Instagram: @TDiddy_CDP Producers: Instragram: @SavageBeats703 Instagram: @1HugoBlack

Check out Clay James new single and visual below!

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