Jia McMillan Shipley

Mariahlynn Finally Drops Official Visual to "Never B****"

Jia McMillan Shipley

The females of Love and Hip-Hop New York are definitely fired up, from Cardi B, to Remy Ma, to Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn, these women are not playing with us! Gwinin's own Mariahlynn finally drops the official visual to her single "Never B****" directed by Nimi Hendrix. It's obvious that the Jersey native has a confidence and swagger about her that every successful female artist must possess. This record is fun and cocky with that witty Mariahlynn flow.

Mariahlynn raps:

Number two, never ! /I gets dough gets the cheddar, you need to get yo s*** together

Never b**** I'm on the top Mount Everest 

I'm the bomb and the terrorist 

Check out "Never B****" video below.