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Fabolous - "Summertime Shootout 2"

Fabolous finally drops the eagerly awaited follow up to Summertime Shootout with Summertime Shootout 2. He pulls out a lot of stops for this tape thus producing a thorough and necessary project for hip-hop right now. It's lyrically potent ,of course, creative and it has that undeniable Fabolous flow that has made him so notorious.

Wale raps "Faith In Me:"

Got her in Cancun , sweating out her face powder watching her pants move , down

Such a generous zipper / get the digits then I split her like its different opinions (yeah)

I love when she call me Big Poppa

Fabolous raps "Faith In Me:"

I heard she chase by the safety's and tight ends

So I put it in the safe cuz she might send

I could go Rafe but I might Benz / All I got is faith in these light skins

Check out Fabolous latest project Summertime Shootout 2 by clicking this link . 

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