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Cardi B Brings Us Some New Heat - Bronx Season

Jia McMillan ShipleyComment

It's obvious , at this point, that Cardi B is truly about her music business and she's more than just a stripper. Love and HipHop brought her some awareness but she had a fan base prior. She's definitely a hustler, always making moves and headlining a tour right out the gate just off her first mixtape Gangsta B**** Music Vol. 1 alone.

During "Bronx Season" Cardi addresses the haters and her success due to her music and fan base. Furthermore, there is a free Underestimated Tour album on the way, due to officially release September 12,2016 at 9pm but you can pre-order now by texting 646-600-8229!


Cardi raps: 

I see the likes, I hear the hype, I hit the mic
I kill the show, I get my dough, I catch a flight
I see a hater, I’m running down it’s on sight
I throw my hands, I hit em left, I hit em right

Check out "Bronx Season" below.