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Controverse x Connie Diiamond - "Jesus"

Brooklyn native rapper Controverse represents exactly that - controversy - with his daring lyrics and openness as it pertains to his sexuality, he's definitely a force to watch out for. Regardless of how judgmental or niave the average music listener can be, fact of the matter is - Controverse can spit. 2017 appears to be the year of bars! This young savage strategically released his most recent visual "Jesus" off his upcoming EP Raps Bible featuring Bronx rapper Connie Diiamond on Christmas day. What a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing and stunning visual mixed in with the grimey presentation of their rhymes- perfect symmetry.


Ikonic lyrics:

They say I'm worthy

Place me in worship / kill em all dead

Leave em in hearses, I'm in my bag - no not my purses

Judgment day - annihilating these verses

- Controverse

Check out Controverse x Connie Diiamond "Jesus" visual below.

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