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Jay IDK's Exclusive Freestyle on 'Real Late' with Rosenberg

Bars are back in abundance and it's a great way to kick off the new year! DMV native rapper, Jay IDK stops by HOT 97 and gives an exclusive freestyle on Rosenberg's 'Real Late' show over the "Famous" instrumental. The world is starting to crave real hip-hop again, bringing the talented underground artists to mainstream recognition.  We can't wait to hear what Jay IDK has in store for 2017, it's obviously going to be lyrically dope and a catalyst to those artists who have become complacent. 


 Jay IDK raps:

Put me on the throne I promise I'll give it good care

Best new n**** can't none of these rappers compare

They might be a little bit more popular now

But as soon I pop they pop chartin' go down

Listen to Jay IDK's freestyle below!

Controverse x Connie Diiamond - "Jesus"

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