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Rich Dripp - "The Show" feat. Gregory Lamont & Chain Gangz


Let's bring bars back! Jackson, MS native Rich Dripp drops his new YoshiVelli produced and AshileeRoberts engineered single "The Show." The young star decides to partner with two lyrical fire crackers ,Gregory Lamont and Chain Gangz, to bring the track full circle. "The Show" has a crazy energy with those timeless Gregory Lamont vocals crooning through out the track and three potent verses from each artist. The Chuck Marlee shot visual has a hard demeanor that pairs perfectly with the ruthless content of the record, a must listen, check it out below!

Ikonic lyrics:

Seen 12 made a quick turn cuz I keep a belt on me n****

And I keep a scale on me n**** / I been trapping by my damn self I won't let you tell on me n****

-Rich Dripp

Hope your engine give out and your car dies too / Your b**** cheat with all your n****s and your dog die too

I hope Metro cut your phone off and your wifi too

You defibrillated and I hope that cut your lifeline too

-Gregory Lamont

Driving me crazy I try not to swerve / Stay in your lane and you wont hit no curbs / Don't be mad when I perch

I'm all about action my life is a verb

-Chain Gangz

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