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Dani Devastation Goes On a Freestyle Frenzy !!


Brooklyn's own freestyle firecracker Dani Devastation drops four off-the-dome lyrical snap-outs over some new and old instrumentals. The notorious car rapper continues to grow using music for it's original intent of story-telling and spreading awareness of global issues. Dani has that undeniable head-bobbing flow paired with her crazy wordplay and intense delivery, this young star should be on your radar! Check out her freestyles below.

Dani Devastation raps "Lost Ones:"

I say something stupid everybody listens say something smart and nobody listens no one pays attention

I don't give a f*** about that money you be getting, what you fixing, is you helping the black women that's missing

This is for them 14 girls in DC, same identity they all look just like me

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