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Biggie Smalls Still Reigns Supreme 20 Years After His Death

Biggie Smalls is inarguably one of the greatest rappers of all time. Biggie didn't just change hip-hop, he was hip-hop;  he crafted a sound that to this day no one has been able to replicate. March 9th, 1997 shook the entire hip-hop culture, his untimely death devastated fans across the nation. Imagine what it's like to be as impactful as the Notorious B.I.G, just 16 days after his death he released a double disk album that sold 690k copies in its' first week of release. 

Artist like Biggie revolutionized what we consider music, he did it for the culture, he did it to tell his story, he did it for self and he did it for all of those who knew what it was like to struggle. He's missed dearly and will forever be Bedford Stuyvesant the livest one representing BK to the fullest!

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