Hopsin - "BUS that"


Los Angeles native rapper, producer, director and actor Hopsin drops a crazy effortless flow over this open but fitting instrumental. "BUS that" shows evolution as a lyricist and his overall innate ability to rap. With previous hits like "All Your Fault," "False Advertisements" and "The Pound" this recent lyrical lashing fits right in with his growing list of necessary hip-hop commentary. Check out his latest visual and single below!!!

Hopsin raps:

Listen / yaw n****s steadily fishing you riding me hard and my girl want my d*** back 

Listen / these n****s play like its cool and then run they mouth soon as I'm leaving , why is that 

 Listen / I been touring off an album I didn't even drop you probably think I rigged that 

Yikes, I'm the plate n**** you just the dish rag