Stunna2Fly Drops Crazy Non-stop Bars On New Single "2Fly17"


Pittsburgh, PA native rapper and songwriter Stunna2Fly drops this crazy new single "2Fly17." The young MC spits nothing but fire in his unique fast-paced cadence. The modern generation of hip-hop artists have revolutionized how a song can be structured from Young M.A's single "Ooouuu" to songs like "2Fly17;" its obvious that bars are back in style and arrangement isn't as important as it used to be! Check out Stunna's latest single and visual below, a must listen!

Stunna2Fly raps:

In these streets 50 deep, n****s said they want beef til' we creep with that heat

50 shots that's a drought on that mothaf***in chop

N****s thinking I'm done til' that mothaf***in shot / watch em bleed