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Joyner Lucas Drops Some Undeniable Lyricism in "Winter Blues"

American rapper and lyricist Joyner Lucas drops some crazy lyrical warfare on his new single "Winter Blues" off his Atlantic Records upcoming album 508-507-2209 set to release June 16th! It's very rare that a record feeds you and fills you up quite like this one. Lucas packs "Winter Blues" with mouthwatering flavors and wordplay seasoning that's bound to jolt your hip-hop taste buds then for the overdose he adds some cold instrumentalist to finish off the single. The young GOAT gives us some much-needed flavor in our ears, check it out below!

Joyner Lucas lyrics:

And I'm taking every muthaf***ing thing that I pick and choose
And I'm done with all the begging, I'm past that
All I did was get laughed at
You can go back track but you'll never get cash back

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