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Alexis Renee - "We Miss You Ye"


Tulsa, OK native and Atlanta based artist, songwriter and creative Alexis Renee releases the second installment of Say Word and the record produced there after entitled "We Miss You Ye." Say Word is a unique video series where a group of Renee's friends come together to discuss a topic and then later she creates a track centered around the explored matter. Kanye West, one of the most lyrical and profound creatives of our generation has definitely evolved but for better or worse? Listen to Renee's position on the subject over open production with intense and controversial yricism below.

Renee raps: 

L.A took your ability to feel pain

Even if you  in a Benz you still a n**** /Even if you riding out with Kim you a n**** 

You could be in Italy or France you  a n**** 

i just wish that you would join your friends my n****  

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